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Shadbolt wall linings
Shadbolt acoustic wall linings are based on purpose-made perforated sound-absorbing panels which are designed to reduce sound reflection and reverberation times. They help to meet the requirement for control of reverberation time in rooms and the need for sound absorption in circulation spaces.

Panels designs can be varied to provide controlled sound absorption to meet the requirements of each space. There is a range of different finishes in an almost unlimited range of colours to allow designers freedom to achieve any desired aesthetic effects.


  • Suitable for wall linings and ceilings.
  • Can be used in meeting the sound absorption requirements of Building Regulations, particularly for schools and residential buildings.
  • Also for use wherever sound absorption is required, eg auditoriums, concert halls, assembly halls, conference rooms, offices, public buildings, hotels, sports halls.


  • Panels are purpose-made for each project. Perforation designs can be tuned by acoustic engineers to provide optimum reverberation times to suit the room size and purpose.
  • Veneered panels can be fully matched with doors, frames, skirtings and even furniture.
  • Available with any of our standard veneers or other finishes.
  • Can also be used as ceiling panels.
  • Acoustic (sound insulating) doors can also be supplied.