Top 10 veneers of 2019

Top 10 veneers of 2019

With the start of a New Year, we thought it would be interesting to look back over 2019 and find out what veneers have been the most popular on our website. Based on the most visited of our veneer webpages during 2019, our Top 10 Veneers chart reflects what our customers have been interested in, but also indicates new trends in veneer selection. Our top 10 this year includes 5 different oak veneer variants, but also sees the emergence of some new veneer entries. Check out the list below to find out where your favourite veneer charted:


FSC® Crown Cut American White Oak

Crown Cut American White Oak continues to be as popular as ever, topping our 2019 chart!


FSC® Crown Cut European Oak

A slightly darker alternative to American White Oak, Crown Cut European Oak finishes right behind its American cousin.


FSC® Straight Grain European Oak

Rubber-stamping Oak’s dominance of the top of our chart, Straight Grain European Oak takes the bronze medal in 2019.


FSC® Straight Grain Olive Ash

Our highest placed non-oak veneer, the beautiful Straight Grain Olive Ash positions at 4 this year.

FSC-Straight-Grain-Olive-Ash_veneer_from Shadbolt

FSC® Crown Cut American Black Walnut

Always one of the most popular veneers, Crown Cut American Black Walnut veneer is our highest ranked dark veneer in 2019.


FSC® Straight Grain Satin Walnut

A more colourful alternative to the classic American Black Walnut, Straight Grain Satin Walnut charts high at number 6 on our list.

FSC® Crown Cut Smoked Oak

FSC® Crown Cut Smoked Oak

Reflecting a recent resurgence in smoked veneers, Crown Cut Smoked Oak is our most popular smoked veneer this year.


FSC® Crown Cut American Cherry

The only red tinged veneer in our top 10 in 2019, Crown Cut American Cherry is a timeless veneer choice.


FSC® Crown Cut Limed Smoked Oak

Crown Cut Limed Smoked Oak appears at 9 in our chart, showcasing how this process highlights grain and darkens a veneer.


FSC® Crown Cut Ash

Our only straw coloured veneer in this list, Crown Cut Ash appears at 10 to finish our 2019 chart!


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