Origin: California and West Coast of USA.

Appearance: Similar to western red cedar in colour and general character. Can vary dramatically as one works through the log; the colour can change from a light cherry red to a dark reddish brown and the grain from a fine even texture to a coarse wide ringed appearance.

Mechanical: Relatively lightweight but firm and It has a fairly course texture. It is generally straight grained and moderately light in weight. Density is approximately 430 kg/m³.

Availability: Available in a range of sizes, up to 450mm wide and as a veneer and plywood.

Timber Cuts: Largely used by American house builders for interior finishes and exterior work. Because of its durability, it is commonly chosen for cooling towers, wood pipes, vats, tanks and silos, greenhouses and farm buildings.

Veneer Cuts: Available as either a crown cut veneer or as a quarter cut veneer.

Relative Costs: 5

Properties: Although weaker than conventional constructional softwoods, Redwood is renowned for its durability. The wood works easily by hand or machine tools. In terms of nailing and screwing, no difficulties are likely to occur and it gives good results with paint and normal finishing treatments.

Seasoning: In view of its high moisture content, the timber has to be carefully dried. Once the seasoning process has been completed, the timber remains stable and is not prone to adverse twisting or distortional movement.