FSC® Straight Grain Figured Smoked Eucalyptus

Name: Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Bicostata)

Trade Name: Southern Blue Gum.

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Origin: Found mainly in Tasmania and also found at higher altitudes in Australia (Victoria and New South Wales). Also found in New Zealand and more recently South America.

Appearance: Light, yellowish brown with heavy cross mottled grain producing an attractive ripple figure.

Mechanical: Exceptionally strong and durable and is widely used as hammer and axe handles, telegraph poles, piling, bridge construction and other structural purposes. Density averages 890 kg/m³.

Availability: Large supplies of joinery grade material are difficult to find.

Timber Cuts: Used extensively for construction in Australia, particularly for such applications as bridges, dock pilings, wharfs and ship building. Eucalyptus can also be used for furniture, interior joinery and decorative veneers.

Veneer Cuts: Architectural grade veneer logs feature clean wide leaves with a consistent ripple feature across the length and width of the log. Can be difficult to work with as the interlocked grain can be prone to cracking.

Relative Costs: 6

Properties: Eucalyptus needs careful attention on account of its density and grain. A good finish can be obtained through close attention to cutting tools and machining.

Seasoning: Eucalyptus is fairly difficult to dry.