Straight Grain Santos Rosewood
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Trade Name: Bolivian Rosewood, Morado, Caviuna

Origin: Widely distributed throughout the tropical regions of South America, particularly in Bolivia and the south eastern region of Brazil.

Appearance: Although not a true Rosewood of the Genus Dalbergia, e.g. Rio Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) which, sadly, has become a specie at severe risk of extinction and is now CITES listed, Santos Rosewood is often put forward as an alternative. A purplish brown background with distinct colour variations within an undulating grain ranging from yellowy red to dark ruddy brown.

Mechanical: It is listed as being a particularly hard and heavy timber with a density of approximately 849 kg/m³.

Availability: There is a large supply of this hardwood and it has recently become available from a small number of forests which have FSC accreditation.

Timber Cuts: Santos Rosewood is a well-known decorative hardwood and regularly used by cabinet makers and joiners working on high quality furniture.

Veneer Cuts: Available with FSC certification as both a crown cut and quarter cut veneer but, at the moment, only in small quantities.

Relative Costs: 9

Properties: Its interlocking grain and high density make it difficult to work with normal woodworking tools; moreover it has a tendency to tear when machined.

Seasoning: Seasoning is difficult and must be done slowly. The timber is prone to checking during drying.