Panelled doors & doorsets

Combining a traditional panelled appearance with modern construction and materials to meet with current performance standards, the Shadbolt range provides both period and contemporary styles ideal for both restoration of historic buildings and high end residential interiors.



Shadbolt panelled doors and doorsets combine a high quality panelled appearance with modern performance standards.

  • They complement both contemporary and traditional aesthetics, and will enhance any high quality interior.
  • Purpose-made with full design freedom (subject to practical requirements) in a wide choice of veneers and other finishes, offering a greater choice of appearance than solid timber doors.
  • Available as doors or doorsets, and as single or double doors.
  • Up to 60 minutes fire resistance combined with excellent stability and mechanical performance.
  • More environmentally sustainable with minimal use of solid hardwoods.
  • Period designs are invaluable for refurbishment of historic buildings, being sympathetic to existing materials whilst achieving modern performance standards.

The doors use the best features of traditional and modern construction.
Glazed panels can be provided whilst generally retaining performance (subject to size limits).

Period panelled doors
Panels may be solid hardwood, hardwood faced, or veneered core material, with hardwood beadings.

Contemporary panelled doors
Various treatments such as recessed plain panels, grooves, different orientation of veneer grain.

Examples of construction are shown below. For more examples, please see Typical Details (registered clients only).

Period panelled door: Symonds non-fire

Contemporary panelled door: Darwin non-fire

All doors are purpose-made to order and are available in an extensive size range.
Fire door sizes are validated by test and by independent assessment.

For more information contact our technical department.

Maximum sizes for latched door assemblies are as follows:

FD30, 44mm thickness
Single: 2799 x 915 to 2130 x 1277 mm
Pairs, each leaf: 2719 x 915 to 2135 x 1169 mm

FD60, 54mm thickness
Single: 2294 x 826 to 2042 x 942 mm
Pairs, each leaf: 2194 x 826 to 2042 x 892 mm

Correct installation of a door is fundamental to its performance, and it is strongly recommended that doors are fitted by an installer accredited under a recognised scheme.
Installation instructions are available from Shadbolt. Door leaves can be installed in the same way as solid timber doors and require no special tools or techniques

See Standard door and frame tolerances (registered clients only).

Frame fixing and hinge locations
For recommendations see Frame installation guide (registered clients only).

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure that doors retain their design performance throughout their life. For more information please contact our technical department.



The following panelled door specification clauses are available to download (registered clients only):

■ Panelled FD30 internal timber doors.
■ Panelled FD60 internal timber doors.
■ Panelled non-fire internal timber doors.


There are two ranges of designs: Period and Contemporary, in a wide choice of veneered and coloured lacquer finishes, and available with glazed panels.