Panel specifications

Shadbolt veneered panels are purpose-made, providing wall linings equalling the high quality and appearance of our veneered doors with the following features:

  • A higher quality of veneer can be attained with a much wider choice of species than for off-the-shelf panels.
  • The specifier has full freedom of choice to select desired veneers.
  • Panels specially produced for each project are made to the full size required, veneered and matched at finished size.
  • Each set of panels is veneered from one log or matching logs, ensuring a unified appearance with continuity of grain.
  • Panels can be fully matched with doors, frames, skirtings and furniture.
  • Preformed and postformed shaped panels can be supplied for many uses including casings to columns, heating and air conditioning units.
  • Security panels can also be supplied.

All panels are made to order to sizes required. Floor-to-ceiling height panels can generally be supplied where needed. In some cases sizes may be limited by the practicalities of manufacture, but large panels can be made by scarf jointing of the substrate without affecting performance.

Consult Shadbolt for advice on panel sizes, thicknesses and weights at our technical department.

Panels can be supplied in the same range of finishes as door leaves, including factory-applied veneer finishes and coloured lacquer finishes.

They may be veneered in any sustainably sourced species, with a standard finish of semi-matt lacquer; veneered panels may be co-ordinated throughout a scheme with doors, frames, skirtings, trims etc.

For more information see Veneer Finishes or Laminate and Paint Finishes.

Substrate materials are selected as necessary to meet performance requirements, including chipboard, MDF, moisture-resistant MDF, plywood, laminboard and balsa blockboard. Shadbolt will advise on the most suitable material according to application.

Panels may be supplied with any or all edges lipped in a range of treatments.

Lippings may be concealed by matching veneer or may be visible, in which case the lipping species and finish can be chosen according to appearance required.

The visual effect required at the joints will generally determine the type and profile of the lipping and whether it is to be veneered with the panel or not.


Spread of flame
Standard wall panels will meet the Building Regulations Class 3 requirement for flame spread without special treatment.

Where Class 1 or Class 0 performance is required together with appearance identical to that of standard panels, see Class 1 / Class 0 Panels.

Panels show excellent dimensional stability and appearance retention under varying temperature and humidity regimes.